Baku City Sabunchu District Court

Reception of citizens


2021-01-26 12:26:34

Reception of citizens


According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “on Courts and Judges”, judges shall not meet with persons in connection with a case in the course of the preparation period for a court proceeding and during a court proceeding. Non-procedural relations not stipulated by law between a court panel and court attendees or the courts of first instance, courts of appeal and courts of cassation in connection with the hearing of cases are not allowed.

Citizens are met in the administrative building of Baku City Sabunchu District Court by the president of the court and by staff members of the court in charge of this task in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan “on Courts and Judges” and “Regulation on review of appeals”.

In a court with one judge, persons are met by staff members in charge in connection with cases in the court’s execution, while they are met by the judge on other issues.





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