UNIFIED JUDICIAL PORTAL Of The Republic of Azerbaijan

Ilham Asadov


2020-04-08 19:19:48

Ilham Asadov - Shirvan Court of Appeal

Ilham Asadov

Judge, Shirvan Court of Appeal

Year of birth



Azerbaijan State University, Law Faculty

Work Experience

1985 - 1991
Expeditor, head of expeditor at the clerk office of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan SSR
Deputy head, Economic division, Ministry of Justice
1991 - 1992
2nd degree specialist, Redaction group of Collection of Laws, Ministry of Justice
1992 - 1994
Advisor, head advisor, Department of legislation and legal forensic at the office of the President
1994 - 1995
Senior specialist, Legislation department of the Ministry of Justice
1995 - 2000
Senior specialist, Court bodies department, Ministry of Justice
2000 - 2007
Judge, Baku City Sabunchu District Court
2007 - 2017
Judge, Baku Court of Appeal
2017 - Ongoing
Judge, Shirvan Court of Appeal